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5 Rows Rainbow Honeycomb Bracelet

5 Rows Rainbow Honeycomb Bracelet

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Original Version

Metal :18K yellow gold ,white gold ,rose gold 

Stones :

Natural diamonds:2.5 carats

Gemstones :4.5 carats


Gold weight :45 grams

Meanwhile,All details can be customized:

Metal :18K,14K,10K.

Stones:Natural diamonds ,lab-grown Diamonds,Mojssanite,Ruby,Sapphire,Emerald,etc


Contact Details:


WhatsApp:+44 7561899058



This bracelet appears to be a fine example of luxury jewelry. It’s an 18K gold bracelet showcasing a dual-tone design, with a central column of gold-toned settings flanked by two rows of 18K white gold metal, for contras. Each setting is meticulously crafted into a hexagonal shape, resembling a honeycomb pattern that adds a textural dimension to the piece. The bracelet is fully encrusted with natural diamonds, which are expertly set to maximize their brilliance and sparkle.

The diamonds in the gold-toned settings appear to have a slightly different hue,due to the color of the setting itself .This subtle color difference gives the bracelet a warm glow and enhances its visual interest. The craftsmanship indicates a high level of skill, with each diamond set to align perfectly with its neighbors, creating a seamless flow of shimmer across the bracelet.

The design of this bracelet is modern yet timeless, with the geometric precision of the honeycomb pattern offering a contemporary edge. It’s a piece that could appeal to various tastes, making it versatile for different occasions, whether formal or casual. The use of 18K gold suggests a piece that’s not only luxurious but also durable, suitable for regular wear. The overall impression is one of understated elegance and sophisticated craftsmanship.

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