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Armor Bracelet | Double Row Version

Armor Bracelet | Double Row Version

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Original Version

Metal :18K Gold ,60 grams

Stones :Natural diamonds,2 carats 


Gold weight :60 grams

Meanwhile,All details can be customized:

Metal :18K,14K,10K.

Stones:Natural diamonds ,lab-grown Diamonds,Mojssanite,Ruby,Sapphire,Emerald,etc


Contact Details:


WhatsApp:+44 7561899058



The bracelet design takes inspiration from ancient Chinese armor, combining historical robustness with modern luxury. The initial photo reveals the fundamental elements—small, armor-like pieces that will interlock, each meticulously etched to echo the textures of historical battlements.

As the process unfolds, we witness the precision with which these individual parts are aligned and linked, much like the articulating segments of armor, ensuring both flexibility and strength. This step is crucial, as it lays the foundation for the bracelet’s integrity and wearability, mirroring the practicality and protection offered by ancient armor.

In the third image, the individual segments have been transformed into a majestic tapestry of metal and jewels. Each piece is now defined by a constellation of diamonds, their precise setting reminiscent of the intricate detailing found on the armor of high-ranking Chinese warriors. The craftsmanship here is not just about adornment but also about honoring the formidable past through luxury.

The final bracelet shines with the opulence of 18K gold, its surface polished to a sheen that contrasts with the purposeful, muted luster of battle-worn armor. The honeycomb pattern is a nod to the interconnectedness of ancient protection gear, ensuring that elegance and resilience are woven into every link.

This piece is not just a bracelet, but a wearable piece of history, artfully crafted to carry the spirit of the past into the present, embodying strength, prestige, and the timeless beauty of handcrafted jewelry.

Chinese armor has a history stretching back thousands of years, with the earliest pieces dating from the Shang Dynasty (c. 1600–1046 BCE). Armor like the one in the image would typically be from the late imperial period, which would place it somewhere from the Ming (1368–1644 CE) to the Qing Dynasty (1644–1912 CE).Armor from the Ming period was influenced by the need to protect against both melee and ranged weapons, with the widespread use of gunpowder-based weapons. By the Qing Dynasty, while practical use of armor in battle diminished due to the advancement of firearms, ceremonial armor continued to be intricate and highly decorative.The craftsmanship of Chinese armor involved a combination of materials such as leather, metals (often iron or steel), silk, and sometimes lacquer to protect against corrosion and damage. The patterns could represent rank, with dragons typically being reserved for the emperor and certain mythical creatures or symbols being used for other ranks. The golden decorations and detailed craftsmanship of the armor in your image suggest a high-ranking individual, possibly even imperial, though it could also have been ceremonial.This armor is not just protective gear but also a work of art, showcasing the skill of the craftsmen and the cultural significance of martial attire in Chinese history.

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